Google Not Showing The Love!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008
Google apparantly took offense to the Free Links Direct featured partner program and gave us a big-fat Google slap across our pristine heads! For those who aren't familiar with what Google is up to, you can read their guidlines here.

So, what is our take on this? Well, Google is NOT the internet! We find their "policies" to be absurd as selling and buying links is not only a viable marketing effort, it's a practical one. Still, we had to concede. As of today we are no longer accepting featured partners (paid links). We apologize to partners for the incovience. The hipocritical part about the whole thing is Google was allowing paid advertising in their own AdWords network from websites that make their living on selling links.

Please keep in mind this in now way affects our foundation of free links! It's business as usual here at Free Links Direct and partners continue to enjoy a nice influx of FREE one way relevant links!

For those of you still interested in purchasing links, we suggest you give Linkworth a try. They are perhaps the best network out there with over 60k advertisements in 30k partner websites. Good luck and happy linking!
The Free Links Direct Team
Free Links Direct