Everyone loves a good poll!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008
We thought everyone would like to know about a cool new tool we discovered. We're not a blog, so normally we wouldn't post something that isn't directly related to this site or links, but since we're using this tool and love it we felt we'd share.

Check out the cool new web poll tool from Poll Authority. Using their service (which has a Free version) allows you to create polls quickly and easily for display on your websites with absolutely NO programming! This saved us a LOT of development time as we were starting to develop our own before we read about Poll Authority on CNET's Webware site (you can see the article here). Good stuff and worth checking out!

On a side note, we'd like to thank all of our continued supporters and link partners! Thanks for helping to make us the premiere link resource on the web!
The Free Links Direct Team
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